Safety First!… Sassy Second!

Although On Point is in the business of fabulous fashion it may interest you to know that our love for your pooches and their welfare runs deeper than looks alone…

As well as a sewer of sorts, I am a full time registered veterinary nurse. So my care of duty to your pets health and safety is always at the forefront of my mind.

A collar is first and foremost a safety feature! oh yes! Before the days of dogs strutting their stuff on the cat walk in beautiful bright accessories, the primary function of the collar was simply to have something to get a hold of a dog by without grabbing randomly at any part of its body!

 ALL collars, yes ALL! will need some level of adjustment. It’s highly unlikely that you will take a collar out of the pack and find it fits perfectly straight off.

With this in mind it is still astonishing to me the number of dogs I see on a daily basis with ill fitting collars. So here is a super quick mini blog (or bloglette as I like to call them) on how to ensure your #OnPointPals collar is correctly fitted.

NB:  If you have a wiggly enthusiastic dog like mine then it’s sometimes best to adjust the collar off of the dog, (rather than be dragged around the house by your four legged friend). Keep popping the collar back on to check you’ve got it right.

1) TO TIGHT – If the collar is too tight you may find it causes your dog to cough / wheeze and could restrict their breathing. This is dangerous! and the collar should be removed immediately and resized.  The collar should not leave an indentation in the neck. Dogs with lots of loose skin around the neck may have an “over hang” but should still be fitted safely to prevent it slipping off.

2) TO LOOSE – A loose collar is just as dangerous a one that is too tight. Far to many of the injured dogs I have seen over the years have come to harm because an owner has gone to grab them by the collar to keep them safe and the dog has simply slipped out of it… Collars should not be baggy or gaping. Its a collar after all not a neckless.

3) AHH JUST RIGHT – The collar should be a snug fit but should not cause any obstruction to the dogs airway. Most importantly you should not be able to pull it off over your dogs head without undoing it!! The recommendation is that you should be able to wiggle two fingers (side by side) in between the collar and the dogs neck. This is the perfect fit!

NB: Your pets collar will need adjusting throughout its life. Whether that be because it’s grown from a puppy to an adult, because it’s lost/gained weight, or simply because the collar has stretched and become loose over time, you should check the fit periodically and adjust accordingly.

Its also worth noting that all our On Point collars come with with “room to spare” so you can simply slide the strap to the perfect length using the tri glide adjuster…  (pictured right!)



Well I think we can all agree that those are some fairly simple rules to follow. Now your correctly fitted collars can be beautiful as well as a life saver.

 “Ahh… So now I can rest easy… Zzzzzzzzzzz”





If you want to know the facts about the law regarding dogs and collars we’ve detailed the important bits for you below.

Control of dogs order 1992

Every dog while in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it.
(Adding a telephone number is optional but strongly recommended)

Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £5000!!!!!!!!!!



Heres an example –


This law does NOT apply to…

Dogs being used for sporting purposes,
Dogs being used for the capture or destruction of vermin,
Dogs being used for the driving or tending of cattle or sheep,
Dogs being used in emergency rescue work
Dogs being used by the police, Customs Officers or the army
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


#OnPoint highly recommends ‘Red Dingo’ Tags. They’re super strong and durable for dogs on the go. As well as this they come in a massive range of designs to match any On Point collar. (Link Below)


The Bespoke Order Experience

What is it like to order a product from On Point?

How does the process of requesting and creating a bespoke item actually work?

Today in our blog we thought we’d give you an exclusive behind the scenes look into the On Point customer experience.

So how does it start? Well it all starts with YOU of-course. You and your idea to get a gift for your wonderful four legged family member. You don’t even need to know exactly what you’d like! thats all part of the process and were here to help you.


Our customers can contact us via three methods:-

Email –

A Facebook private message or comment – @OnPointCanineBoutique


A Instagram private message or comment –


Once we’ve received your message of interest that’s where the design process begins. If you’ve seen an existing item/product you like, you can request it directly. All we will need from you is some basic measurements. For example if its a collar or bandana you’d like then we’d need the circumference of your dogs neck centimetres. If its a custom crate bed then we’d want the length and width of the base of the crate etc.

NB – if you don’t have a measuring tape you can check your dogs neck size by using a piece of string and holding it against ruler afterwards.

But what if you haven’t got a clue? What if all you know is you’d love a new beautiful accessory for your dog but after that your mind goes blank! That’s where we come in!  We will ask you a host of questions about your pet from what sex are they? too there breed / colour / coat length and personality! We love to see pictures of them as well so we can get a really accurate gage for what patterns and styles might suit.


After that you get to sit back, relax and wait for the little mail box notification that all On Point customers get excited about!

It can only mean one thing!!!!


We will gather together a host of different fabric choices so you can pick you’re favourite. If your not 100% satisfied with the options we’ve provided then we’ll simply find you some more.

Once you’ve made your selection we’ll get to work on creating a bespoke accessory thats as individual as you pet is. We normally estimate that that we’ll need up to 10-14 days to order in the fabric/ hardware and create and post out your product to you. If the delivery time on the bespoke fabric we’re ordering in is a little longer than usual then we’ll let you know.

Then its simply a case of letting us know what address you’d like us to post you perfectly packaged On Point parcel to and we’ll get it sent out as soon as it’s ready.

When it arrives you getto see your companion canine enjoying a  beeeeeauuuuutiful (even if we do say so ourselves!) new itemthats completely personalised just for them…

We think thats pretty on point.

How it all began…

Eleven days after getting married to my long term partner Nick, I found myself in the enviable position of relaxing in the sun, on a paradise island, a short distance off the coast of Varadero, Cuba.

Now almost everyone I had spoken to about marriage had said the same thing….

“Marriage changes nothing”,

“You won’t feel any different”

“It’s only a piece of paper”.

So I was somewhat surprised by the fact that over the past few days of our honeymoon (when I could finally start to relax and gather my thoughts together!) I had come to the startling conclusion that I did in fact feel very… VERY different.

I felt responsible.

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