How it all began…

Eleven days after getting married to my long term partner Nick, I found myself in the enviable position of relaxing in the sun, on a paradise island, a short distance off the coast of Varadero, Cuba.

Now almost everyone I had spoken to about marriage had said the same thing….

“Marriage changes nothing”,

“You won’t feel any different”

“It’s only a piece of paper”.

So I was somewhat surprised by the fact that over the past few days of our honeymoon (when I could finally start to relax and gather my thoughts together!) I had come to the startling conclusion that I did in fact feel very… VERY different.

I felt responsible.

Considering my partner and I had already been together 5 and half years by the time we walked down the aisle that sounds pretty stupid! Why did I feel responsible now?!?

From nowhere, completely out of the blue, I had a sudden and overwhelming urge to make something more of myself. To be somebody and go places! The problem was… I had absolutely NO IDEA how to do that.

I knew what I wanted more than anything was to contribute positively towards my marriage. I was already qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, (I job which I still do to this day and love very much) but as is so often the case with the caring/medical professions, the hours are long and unsociable and the pay is less than satisfactory.

So I lay there (trying not to get burnt!) pretending to read my Jilly Cooper novel when actually I was plotting business concepts. The problem was everything I thought up was already being done by somebody else and to my mind they were probably doing a much better job of it than I ever could.

I had considered starting up a dog walking company, but was concerned that I would get bored because I wouldn’t be mentally challenging myself enough. I thought about going back to college and retraining as a dog groomer, but the cost of the start up would be astronomical and my mediocre garage isn’t really big enough for a grooming parlour. I entertained the idea of dropping away from the animal field and doing something completely radical that I’d never done before, but the thought of never working with animals again filled me with dread. So… what to do…

It was at this point that my mind started to wander back home to my own furbaby Branston Pickle. I was missing him terribly and was concerned that the poor pooch would think by now that we’d completely abandoned him.

But then he did look so lovely and happy last time I saw him at our wedding and he did look exceptionally handsome in this bow tie that matched the bridesmaids. Actually come to think of it, getting hold of that bow tie in just the right shade of green was a bloody nightmare… *tsk… might as well have made it myself. If i’d had the time I could have made it myself!


I could have made it myself…



Now thats not a bad idea!!!


I knew of-course that there were tons of large company’s out there making dog accessories, but the mass produced stuff you can find on any shelf at the pet shop wasn’t what I had been looking for. I came to thinking what if I could provide people (and there pets) with a bespoke, personalised product, handmade from home. I could make for them EXACTLY what they wanted. Wouldn’t that be 10 times nicer than the generic stuff from bigwigs like pets at home?

So that was it. Decision made. I had a business idea. No clue where to begin or how to start it up but it was an idea at least.

So what about a name? Every new company has got to have a name but deciding what to call you business is pretty serious stuff. I wasn’t keen on having anything too cheesy. I wanted to try and convey that my products were one off, stylish and completely individual.

I didn’t have to look far for inspiration! My German Shorthaired Pointer, Branston Pickle was every bit the elegant beast and a perfect image of what I wanted to get across to customers.

From nowhere an idea popped into my head.. On Point. I have a pointer so it’s personal to me but erm… actually I had better look up what “On Point” really means before I apply it in full force to my new idea. Don’t want to end up the prize plum with a company name that doesn’t make any sense.


Ok Google, define “On Point”


DEFINITION – On Point – “As good as it could be; perfect”

DEFINITION – On Point – “Relevant, Extremely good, Attractive or Stylish”


And the rest as they say is history…






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